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The Defence Transition Mentor offers support to defence students our goal is to support because they have to relocate every few years as the have to navigate different schools and education in different states actives are originated to welcome parents and students in to the community. The teens in action program began in 2011 and it sponsored by NECANA and the family support funding program, it’s about connecting young people in to their local community as the build friendships. If it’s a scavenger hunt in Wodonga or an amazing race in Albury it’s always great fun followed by wonderful food. Our mentors are committed are to giving opportunity s for children of current serving members serving members and ex-serving members. Grants are sourced through the department of veterans. In 2017 in veterans week students went on a combined excursion to super tramp followed by a healthy lunch. The senior college offers a specialist Graduate Program for Defence students. Students in the Defence Graduate Program talk openly about their mobile life style and have an empathy for each other.

Commemorating ANZAC and remembrance day are a priority in our college, our students and staff pride them self in honouring our serving and ex-serving members. Our student lead ceremonies are meaningful and memorable, paying tribute to those who have served our country in survived our country in all conflicts and peacekeeping operations. The Defence Transition Mentor provides support to students and provides them with wonderful memories of their time in Wodonga.

Our colleges has a verity of wellbeing groups we are committed to build the resilience of young people with to better cope the challenges they face. We partner with local and external agencies to facilitate our groups.