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Over the past few years we have over 50+ students in our Year 10-12 classes, these numbers have increased steadily. We have an extensive range of programs to support our Koorie students and attract others from the district to enroll at our college.

Our college supports these students in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Accessing scholarship programs that enable our students to have financial support while continuing their education. These include the Federal Government – IYLP scholarship, Jack Brockoff scholarship, Victorian Government – Marrung scholarship and others as they come on hand. In relation to this, there has been 35 students that have held these scholarships with 11 in 2020.as These SBT enable a student to undertake one day a week in the work place while pursuing four days in their school studies. Students gain Certificate 11 in Business Administration that contributes to their VCE studies program.
  • Excursions to Indigenous local and state sites to assist the Koorie students to explore and understand their culture.
  • A dedicated Graduate Program group that can be accessed by the Koorie students. This group organises events and facilities such as the development of an Indigenous Garden on the college grounds.
  • Celebrates significant indigenous events.

Our programs are designed to maximise the opportunity for our Koorie students and for them to gain success in their secondary studies.